I thought it would be a good idea to memorize information I came across when using technology. I used to cut out articles or jot down notes and store them in binders, back when I was a still kid walking my first steps in computing. I used to memorize a lot of stuff this way, and this blog should function as a digital equivalent to the binders of my old analog days.

I haven’t really given this blog thing any thought. I used to have a private blog a few years ago containing personal stuff but soon got bored with it. I’m probably not going to use this blog for personal musings. Of course, the occasional outburst of opinion might still happen. You never know, right?

I guess I’m doing this to stay in touch with PHP and WordPress – something I don’t use in my professional work. That being said, the views and opinions expressed in this blog, are mine and mine alone, they are not affiliated with my work or employer.

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